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Thank you for requesting our book on maintaining healthy feet. You can expect to receive an email containing a downloadable PDF shortly. If you do not receive it, be sure to check your spam or junk folders. If you are in need of immediate medical attention, do not hesitate to call our office directly at (512) 328-8900. In the meantime, keep up with our office by taking a look at our latest blogs posts below!

Everything You Need to Know About Neuromas

Take a second and think back to the last time you stubbed your toe on the coffee table that’s always in the way. Or perhaps when you last dropped something on your foot. We bet it hurt, right? Well, that’s actually good – it means that your peripheral nervous system...

Growing Pains And Bone Tumors In Children

Recently, I saw a healthy, active young teenage male in the office for leg pain and flatfeet. He was having issues after running and sports activity. At age 15, he was already 6’4”! In addition to lower leg pain, he was having classic symptoms related to...

Flip-Flops That Won’t Hurt Your Feet!

Different parts of our country have divided opinions on the summer months. People in some regions eagerly look forward to this time of year so they can actually enjoy outdoor activities. In other areas, people find the increased heat to be downright oppressive. One...

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