Stretching: A Great Way to Prevent Heel Pain

Heel pain. This annoying problem can easily keep you off your feet, making it hard for you to participate in your favorite activities (and even those activities you may not love so much, like taking out the garbage and cleaning the house). What’s worse, when heel pain...

What Causes Heel Pain (And How EPAT Can Help)

Heel pain is one of the most common symptoms we treat at our office. In fact, if you ask almost any podiatrist, they are likely to tell you the same thing. What’s more, this frustrating problem is not always as simple an issue as you might expect. There are plenty of...

Do My Orthotics Need to Be Replaced?

After getting your very own pair of custom orthotics, you may have been wondering why it took you so long to adopt this wonderfully easy way to improve the quality of your life and protect your feet. After all, now you are able to walk you dog without heel pain and...

Everything You Need to Know About Neuromas

Take a second and think back to the last time you stubbed your toe on the coffee table that’s always in the way. Or perhaps when you last dropped something on your foot. We bet it hurt, right? Well, that’s actually good – it means that your peripheral nervous system...

Growing Pains And Bone Tumors In Children

Recently, I saw a healthy, active young teenage male in the office for leg pain and flatfeet. He was having issues after running and sports activity. At age 15, he was already 6’4”! In addition to lower leg pain, he was having classic symptoms related to...

Flip-Flops That Won’t Hurt Your Feet!

Different parts of our country have divided opinions on the summer months. People in some regions eagerly look forward to this time of year so they can actually enjoy outdoor activities. In other areas, people find the increased heat to be downright oppressive. One...

Top Home Remedies For Heel Pain

Austin, TX certainly has a vibrant, active community. The Austin Runners Club is one local organization that promotes healthy living and physical activity, but there is a wide range of other opportunities for residents to engage in exercise and athletic programs as...

Tight Rope Procedure for Bunions

We here at AFAS are hoping you had an opportunity to enjoy some live music over the weekend.  If not, we’re sure that you’ve had the radio on lately to listen to some music. You may have heard some advertisement about a ‘new’ minimally invasive procedure to correct...


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