Do You Still Have Heel Pain?

Video Transcript

Hi again. This is Dr. Craig Thomajan with a quick reminder.

If your feet still hurt, that’s not normal. We can address that problem right now rather than later. It’s almost easier for us to cure it the earlier we see you.

It’s possible by now that you’ve tried those drugstore solutions. Maybe stood on one of those fancy machines to try and get your right number orthotic. Problem is didn’t work, did it? You need to get a prescription for your eyes and your glasses or contacts that correct deficiencies. Well, think about that as the same way that we need to do this for your foot. Those instabilities and subtle variances between your feet need to be addressed with a pair of custom orthotics.

If your active, healthy lifestyle is calling you or if your job is harder because you’re having pain, please give us a call or make an appointment right now online. Our entire team is here to help.

Thank you. This is Dr. Craig Thomajan with Austin Foot and Ankle Specialists. We’re here to match your goals and expectations with our expertise.


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