Questions to Ask Your Insurance Provider About Orthotics

Custom orthotics have long been among the very best tools we podiatrists have to treat a wide variety of painful foot and ankle conditions. And with FitStation and Go 4-D digital scanning and 3D-printing, they’ve taken yet another huge step forward in overall effectiveness and comfort.

That’s why we put together our custom orthotics package. We wanted to make it as simple as possible for you to get the care you need with a clear plan laid out at the outset, at a fair and affordable price—no surprises!

And in fact, you can save even more! That’s because many insurance plans will cover, in whole or in part, various components of the package—reducing the portion of the package price you’ll have to cover out of pocket.

Unfortunately, insurance plans can vary quite a lot in terms of what they will and won’t cover. In order to ensure you get all the financial assistance you’re entitled to, it’s important that you check in with your insurance provider before your initial appointment with Austin Foot and Ankle Specialists.

Questions to Ask Your Insurance Provider About Orthotics

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Does my plan cover podiatry visits?


If you aren’t already one of our patients, you probably should start with this one. Although the vast majority of insurance plans cover podiatry appointments, they may require a referral from your general practitioner before extending coverage—especially if your health care plan is an HMO.

Does my plan cover custom orthotics?

Many, although certainly not all, insurance plans offer coverage for custom orthotics if they are determined to be medically necessary by a qualified professional. (We are, of course, the qualified professionals in this scenario.)

Please keep in mind that our orthotics program provides you with two pairs of orthotics, while most insurances unfortunately will only cover the cost of one pair. In our experience, distributing two pairs is a lot better for our patients and leads to significantly better long-term outcomes on average—which is why a second pair is always included in our orthotics package. Not only will each pair last longer due to reduced wear and tear, but you can get orthotics for different purposes (e.g., the second pair could be specially designed for your dress shoes, or for sports).

How often can I get new orthotics?

If your plan covers orthotics at all, it will typically allow you to get another pair after a certain period of time has passed. Often, this is one new pair per year, but sometimes the waiting period is longer.

Regardless of what your insurance company will or will not cover, a key benefit of the custom orthotics package from Austin Foot and Ankle is that it includes any needed adjustments or reorders of your initial two pairs of orthotics at no extra cost to you, should you not be completely satisfied with your results. Frankly, these new 3D-printed orthotics are so well made, and adjustments are so rarely needed, that we’re more than happy to provide this guarantee. Your satisfaction is our top priority!

That said, if your plan does cover the cost of a new pair of orthotics every year (or any other term), we highly encourage you to take advantage of it—even if your initial two pairs are still going strong. After all, while two pairs are better than one, three pairs are better than two!

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Getting the Care You Need Shouldn’t Be Difficult, Expensive, or Uncertain

We know that managing your health care and dealing with insurance companies can be a confusing, disorienting, and frustrating experience. Sometimes it’s so discouraging that patients even put off care they know they need.

That’s why we built our custom orthotics package. We wanted to take as much of the uncertainty out of the process as possible, and eliminate as many barriers to you getting the care you need as we could. Plus, opting for the package allows us to pass substantial cost savings along to you.

You will still need to contact your insurance company up front to see what they will cover. But here’s the good news:

  • The questions you need to ask them are pretty simple and straightforward.
  • Knowing all the details about your treatment, coverage, and out-of-pocket costs up front means you don’t have to go in blind, not knowing what you’ll owe until after care has already been administered. You’ll have all the information you need to make an informed decision right at that initial appointment.

While we hope that someday the process is even simpler, we’re working hard to streamline it as much as possible so you always get the exceptional care you need—affordably and with the minimum possible amount of stress and uncertainty.

For more details about our orthotics package, click here. To request a consultation, or complete the form on this page!

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